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    Get a Daycare Website. Let Your Customers Come To You

    This is a Daycare Website Demo for use in Childcare, Daycare and Creche services throughout Ireland.

    I am a web designer and local marketing consultant who has been working with day care centers in Dublin for the past month and am looking to expand my business to a handful of new clients.
    I’ve taken the time to build you a new website complete with a scheduling calendar, slideshow, employee bios, and a number of design improvements.

    Colours can be modified to suit your Daycare, Creche, Childcare branding, Images changeable, Font changeable, view Features to change layout design.

    I’m willing to install this site for you for a small fee of just €499 including .com .org domain name registration if required and hosting of site.

    Link your website to your Golden Pages listing.

    • Provide compelling content for parents
    • Give parents ways to review & share your site
    • Proactively seek new parents using online targeting.


    An amazing Place for Children


    daycare website design


    As your day care web designer we inform parents of the type of services on offer from full day care which normally provides care and education for children from infants to 5 years old and sometimes school age for after school care for older children.

    Creche Crumlin creche daycare services local day care, childcare, pre school, after school.

    We take babies, toddlers, walkers.

      We have built our childcare options to facilitate the individual needs of each child and parent. We cater for babies, toddlers and walkers from 6 months to 5 years of age. We also provide after school care for primary school children.

    • Play-based curriculum.
    • House, work, shop.
    • Building with lego or blocks.
    • Sand and water play.
    • Art.
    • Stories, songs, rhymes.
    • Free play, indoors and outdoors.

    Experiences based on curriculum that reflects principles of child development. Opportunities for children to interact with children their own age.


    Childcare at its best – Meet Our Team!


    Happy Parents and Happy Children


    Level 5 qualified staff in the areas of Child Development, Early Childhood Education & Play, Child Health & Well Being, Communication, Work Experience, Work Practice, Children with Additional Needs, Equality and Diversity.


    • Early Childhood Education & Play.
    • Child Health & Well Being.

    Outline FETAC Specifications.

    Level 6 Qualified Staff in the areas of Child Development, Early Childhood Curriculum, Childhood Social Legal & Health Studies, Supervision in Early Childhood Care, Work Experience, Work Practice, Communications, Early Learning Environment and Early Childhood Literacy & Numeracy.

    • Early Learning Environment.
    • Early Childhood Curriculum.

    Best Value Daycare Website Design in Ireland.


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